Asking the Right Questions: Massage Therapy School

Your time attending massage therapy school is the first stage in your establishing the foundation of skills and knowledge that is important for a successful career in massage therapy. Massage school is a considerable investment of your energy, money and time; therefore, it is important to find the right school that is a good fit for your future career.

Finding the Right School

Today, there are around fifty massage schools in New York. With so many choices available, it is challenging to find the right one. While choosing the right fit, consider factors like earning an accredited college degree versus just a diploma, the campus environment, the degree program’s curriculum, and the overall happiness of the student body.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions during your research will help you find a compatible massage therapy school. Is the institution accredited by a national accrediting authority? Accreditation of a massage therapy program will ensure the value of your degree. In addition, accreditation ensures that the school conforms to the stipulated standards set by the accreditation board to provide the best level of education to students.

What are the Qualifications of the teaching staff at school? The college’s faculty will be one of the most important factors while you pursue your massage therapy degree. Ask about the college’s standard for their instructors – practical experience in the industry, classroom apprenticeship, and the level of teaching standards. What type of continuing development is required for faculty members?

Finally, how does the college ‘feel’ when you were there? No matter what is promised on the college website or what the college’s catalog looks like, you really need to take a visit to campus to best understand the school. During your visit, you will get a sense of the student life, and how you will fit in on campus. Picture yourself as a student on campus, and if the answer if yes, enroll to become part of the college’s massage therapy program!

For the last thirty years, New York College of Health Professions has provided holistic health and wellness education to the Metropolitan New York area. The college offers institutionally accredited degree programs in Massage Therapy through its Massage Therapy School. With three convenient locations in New York City as well as a campus on Long Island, New York College of Health Professions has a convenient location for you to pursue your massage therapy degree. For more information about various holistic healing programs offered by the College, log on to


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